Great Publishing Services Supported by Excellent Processes and Innovative Technology

Deanta Global provides publishing services to some of the world’s leading academic, professional and legal publishers. Customers include Bloomsbury, Informa Professional and Thomson Reuters.
We manage production and post-production services more efficiently than competitors because of our unique combination of people, methodology and technology. This enables us to:
Reduce your costs      Reduce your end-to-end delivery time      Deliver higher quality outputs      Support your electronic publishing initiatives
Apart from being efficient, we are also focused on your particular needs. This customer focus is reflected in our responsiveness, our open communication and our ability to meet changing requirements.
Roman & Littlefield
Informa Professional
Thomson Reuters
Taylor & Francis

Deanta Global provides a single point of contact for clients for the duration of a project.  This means you have a consistent experience and good communication.


Deanta Global invests significantly in the selection and professional development of our team. This means you work with excellent people who are technically competent and highly customer focused.


With the Deanta Way methodology, we assign full end-to-end responsibility for a project to one of our team. They have the authority and autonomy to oversee timely delivery of your project, leading to better outcomes.


We react fast to customer requests and late-changing requirements. This speed of response is a key part of our company culture.


Our team and methodology have an unflinching focus on quality.  Editors have expert knowledge in a range of fields, and we ensure language and grammar are flawless. This focus on quality pervades all our services, from project management to Design & Artwork.


DeantaSource is our unique online Project Management Portal and Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. No competitor offers a comparable solution.