How We Work

author-liaison-deantaWe do more than build books, we build relationships. At Deanta our priority is, and always will be, client satisfaction. It is the driving force behind everything we do, and is the measure by which we define our success. We operate as a facilitator for our clients’ businesses, as a professional resource to assist in the management of publishing production, through our tailored service packages, and the use of our new publishing project management portal, Lanstad.

Our goal is to streamline the production process, so that publishers can focus on their core strengths – creating and curating innovative content. No matter what a publisher’s requirements are, we tailor our solutions to meet those needs, with a dedicated Project Manager and team available 24/7 to guarantee the best outcome.

publishing project management graphic

What we do

At our core, we are a production resourcing company, focused on the ongoing management of the production process for publishers. We specialise in the areas of professional, academic, STM and legal publishing. At Deanta we work with our clients, adapting to their particular needs, and offer solutions comprised of people and technology. Our teams consist of highly skilled, highly trained professionals with extensive experience in production and publishing project management.

To find out more about how Deanta can help support your business, take a look at our Technology and Production Resourcing solutions.