Our Clients

Client satisfaction is our primary measure of success at Deanta, so we take their feedback very seriously, and you should too. Take a look at some of the testimonials we have received from world leading publishers.


Deanta provides first-class project management services to Bloomsbury. Deanta combines excellent customer service and communication with a high level of technical expertise at competitive rates. Deanta stands out in a very crowded space.

Louise Cameron, Group Production Director – Bloomsbury

In the past, time zone differences have been an issue with other suppliers, but not with Deanta. They accommodate the preferred contact times for Rowman and Littlefield, with no half-day or day long wait between queries and responses. Overall they do a fantastic job.

Karen Ackerman, Assistant Managing Editor – Rowman & Littlefield

Deanta accommodates our specific requirements rather than trying to impose a one-size-fits-all approach. This is really important for complex or bespoke projects. Having one point of contact also ensures continuity of communications throughout a project.

Stewart Gardiner, Production Director – Informa Professional

We use Deanta for typesetting, copy editing, and proofreading. My experience with them has been the utmost professional, proficient, and pleasurable! I continue to send work to them over and over again, and the end product is the best I have ever seen. The project manager knows what to ask to ensure the best outcome, and how to make quick, correct decisions regarding all aspects of book production. Given one choice, it would always be Deanta.

Cynthia Klivecka, Project Editor – CRC Press

Oikos has been working with Deanta with typesetting services for several years, and we have been especially impressed with the quality of the deliverable, the prompt turnaround times, and the consistent, quality customer service that Deanta delivers, with onsite visits on a regular basis.

Linus Svensson, Director – Oikos Editorial Office

Deanta understands that we require more than just speedy turnaround times with their services. Their staff has an understanding of our specific requirements, and they work closely with us with a clear understanding of the need to deliver high quality in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend Deanta and their publishing services.

David McCartney, Managing Director – Clarus Press

The Irish Tax Institute has been working with Deanta for a number of years. I have found Deanta to be exceptionally reliable as a service provider and very consistent with quality work. Of particular importance is Deanta’s unique project management, with one person as a key point of contact. Their communication and problem solving skills are very strong.

Evelyn Delehanty, Information Services Manager – Irish Tax Institute

Channel View was working with another service provider, but quality began to be an issue, so we moved our work to Deanta where the quality has been consistently high. Project management with Deanta has also been very good. Deanta provide excellent customer service and their staff are very responsive, flexible and very easy to deal with.

Sarah Williams, Production Manager – Channel View Publications