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Deanta recognises that publishers have their own unique set of requirements and processes. With this in mind, we offer a tailored production solutions package, through which clients can select the core components of the service they require, to be packaged into a bespoke solution.

All packages include complete use of Deanta’s technology platform, Lanstad, and a dedicated Project Manager.

To request a quote, simply select the core components of your package, and click submit. You will then be required to complete a very short form, so that we can package your production solution and provide you with a quote within 24 hours.


Artwork Creation

The primary areas within Deanta’s artwork solutions are:

  • Cover Design: Covers are either designed afresh or can be reproduced from standard cover templates.
  • Artwork creation/redrawing/relabelling: We create custom illustrations, cartoons, redrawing of scans/poor quality images, colour adjustments, and relabelling of key/axis labels.
  • Map Creation: Using the latest GPS views, or originated from scratch with  stringent QA procedures.




There are three levels, based on the complexity of the publication:

  • Light: Addressing errors and consistency in article usage, subject/verb agreement, abbreviations, hyphenation, and spelling. Unclear sentences are queried to the author.
  • Standard: As per light. Also includes content review for consistency in tense usage and application of specific terms. Unclear sentences are rephrased where appropriate, and the author queried for confirmation.
  • Heavy: As per standard. Also includes an an in-depth paragraph by paragraph edit of a full manuscript. Queries raised to the author where appropriate.




Deanta provides expert typesetting and page composition services, tailored to your specific publishing needs. There are three primary levels of layout services available, as outlined below:

  • Simple: Plain text throughout, broken into parts and chapters, and further broken up by subheadings. May include extracts and lists and other simple display text. No bibliographical (referencing) system.
  • Medium: As per Simple, plus inclusion of bibliographic system, and/or tables, line-drawings, graphs and maps.
  • Complex: As per Medium, plus complication, e.g. 2- or 4-colour page design and/or very intricate page layout, math objects.




Professional back-of-the-book indexing can greatly enhance the value of a work by providing a clear and concise roadmap for the reader to follow. Our indexing professionals have substantial experience in handling various academic disciplines (e.g. Humanities, STM, and Law). Our indexers carefully analyse the text and identify the best material to index, keeping in view the nature of the content and client requirements. Our indexing service includes:

  • Full indexing service for specific publications by subject matter experts
  • Full and accurate classification and tagging of all content
  • QA process to ensure consistent and accurate work at all times



Proof Reading

Deanta offers line-by-line editorial proofreading of content, guaranteeing meticulous attention to detail to ensure the highest quality.

Projects that require complex editing go through an additional layer of proofreading and the requirements are either defined by the publisher or suggested by us. Projects that require less changes, or have already been edited, can be proofread to amend any inconsistencies, grammatical issues or adherence to journal styles.


Author Liaison

Deanta offers a professional, responsive, and engaging author and editor liaison service that enhances the editorial process. Our highly trained team of publishing professionals carefully manage all contributors, ensuring their expectations, and the publisher’s requirements and standards, are met.

This service is completely customised based on the authors’ availability, competency, and the various requirements of the publisher. We deliver timely services to the authors globally, regardless of difference in time zones.



Digital Deliverables

Deanta will supply a final deliverable package of the production and core assets upon completion of every project and this package includes the final print and electronic products (print PDF, ePDF, XML, ePub and Mobi files) along with their supporting files (application files, art files, etc.) that could be used for future editions.

Delivery can also occur at key milestones throughout your project to suit specific publishing goals.