Technology Solutions



Lanstad is a uniquely centralised publishing technology platform, featuring a collaborative project management workspace, which enables real-time XML editing, proofing and content transformation. The platform also features trackable project milestones, a communication portal and digital asset management capacity, with metadata integrated to ONIX standards.

With Lanstad you can package your publishing technology solution to suit your requirements, selecting from our four core workspaces.

  • Project Management Portal
    • Centralised and collaborative
    • Cloud-based system
    • Trackable Milestones
    • Integrated communication portal
    • Dedicated Technology Manager
    • 24/7 technology support service
  • XML Content Editing Suite
    • User-friendly XML content editing
    • Track and review changes
    • Global standard DTD integration
    • DocBook, NLM & TEI compatible
    • Dedicated Technology Manager
    • 24/7 technology support service
  • Content Transformation Engine
    • Immediate content transformation
    • PDF, EPUB and HTML formats
    • EPUB3 compatibility
    • Dynamic style-sheet creation
    • Dedicated Technology Manager
    • 24/7 technology support service
  • Digital Asset Management
    • Integrated artwork library
    • Advanced search and reporting
    • ONIX metadata integration
    • Instant access to all assets
    • Dedicated Technology Manager
    • 24/7 technology support service


Level One Level Two Level Three

Project Management Portal

Uniquely centralised workspace, featuring trackable milestones and communication portal.

XML Content Editing Suite

Real-time XML content editing in user-friendly HTML environment, with track/review/accept change facility.

Content Transformation Engine

Immediate content transformation to PDF, EPUB & HTML formats, with dynamic style-sheet creation.

Digital Asset Management

Cloud-based asset library with advanced search and reporting facility, and ONIX metadata integration.